ORKA Technical Workwear was created to deliver value through providing durable, high quality work wear and accessories to the Oil & Gas, Engineering and shipping sectors. Worldwide.

Dale Rabey General Manager and Co-Founder

ORKA is about making the workwear better – delivering better protection, better comfort, better functionality and durability.

All ORKA products are the result of working closely with front line workers to understand how long garments are worn, how often they are washed, where they are used, how they are used – how the garments ‘live.’


ORKA delivers the
protection you need

ORKA knows how you work. They know good workwear makes a difference.

This is why they choose only thoroughly tested, densely woven materials that are extremely hard to tear, split or pierce. All our coveralls have reinforced areas, covered pockets and high visibility inserts to protect you from any work hazards.

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ORKA means comfort

Working long hours is not child's play. Tell us about it!

ORKA knows that even the slightest discomfort caused by workwear can become a major nuisance after a few hours of hard work. ORKA also knows that when you’re distracted by ill-suited workwear, your head is not on the job. This is when you make a mistake and accidents happen. All ORKA workwear products are designed with the highest achievable level of comfort, so you can concentrate on the job - safely.

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ORKA lasts longer

The original ORKA Magnus coverall was the result of four years of testing in the field.

Though rigorous research and testing, they really learned how to make good, durable products. They field test their coveralls in different temperatures, on different continents and in different working conditions.

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Obsessive about details

Those small, seemingly unimportant features, make ORKA workwear stand out! Triple stitched seams, reliable press buttons, invisible reinforcements, ergonomic design ...

ORKA listens

There is no better place to test workwear than a real workplace.

ORKA listen's to people, they talk and they ask questions. Only when ORKA's designers get the thumbs up from the men and women on the front line do they put the model into production.

ORKA delivers high quality, durable products that will serve you for a long time. EN ISO 11612 certified.

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The Orka way

Donside Safety provides you with multiple options for obtaining the best coveralls for your people

Engineering and fabrication can be dirty work - with all the grease, oil, rust, paint, dust and grime. This is why Donside has partnered with ORKA Technical Workwear to offer a range of contract options including laundering to provide you with the ultimate FR work garments and keep them maintained and looking sharp...

Option 2

Buy and wash

Donside review your current requirements and develop a recommendation of garments required.

Option 2

Buy and contract wash

Donside review your current requirements and develop a recommendation of garments required.

Option 1

Full Rental

Donside review your current requirements and develop a recommendation of garments required.

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ORKA coveralls, jackets, gloves and kit bags are currently serving the United Kingdom, USA, The Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Angola, South Africa, Belgium and more, on and off shore.

Whether you are a courier, fabricator, banksman or welder, whether it is -5°C or 35°C outside, ORKA has a comfortable, durable solution to ensure you're protected at work.

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